Ecological initiatives of sustainable development of the hotel Ambeille

Hotel Ambeille and sustainable development

The Ambeille hotel implements ecological initiatives for sustainable development.

Ecological initiatives are good practices implemented by our hotel to be more respectful of the environment (measures to reduce water consumption, selective sorting of waste, etc.).

The primary objective of sustainable development is to minimize the environmental impact of our hotel by reducing unnecessary energy consumption, supporting the use of renewable energies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with the aim to change the course of global warming.

While it's true that no hotel alone can change the course of global warming, every gesture counts. Sustainability should therefore not just be a trend, but the true modus operandi of hotels in today's market.

Our staff is thus trained in good sustainable development practices.

We encourage you, if you wish, to participate in these initiatives, to do so you will find information and informative posters in your rooms.